Audience Reactions

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Created by Yehuda Duenyas
Commissioned by Performance Space 122

CVRTAIN is a virtual reality (VR) experience starring you. Placed center stage in a beautiful theater, the curtain parts to reveal an audience of thousands teaming with adulation. Do you freeze in the spotlight, or bow graciously?

Creative Team

Yehuda Duenyas – Experiential Director / Creative Director
Kristen Vallow – Production Designer
Christopher Romero – Lead Developer
Owen Bell – Game Designer
Jody Elff – Sound Designer
Ben Kato – Designer, VR Developer
Nick Suda – R&D, Technical Advisor
David Lobser – 3D Artist
Lisa Feder Castenskiold – Art Coordinator
Sara Pauley – Production Coordinator
De Boer Media – Printing and Fabrication

Coming Soon to HTC Vive & Google Cardboard

Inside CVRTAIN, every action of yours produces a different reaction in your audience: thunderous applause, feet stomping, cameras flashing, maybe even booing. An entire audience’s emotions are at your virtual command, but only until the curtain closes.



Yehuda Duenyas’ CVRTAIN is commissioned by Performance Space 122 with an implementation grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation for the Building Demand for the Performing Arts Program.